Building your Voice Over Community
Class Descriptions
  • Level 1 The Voice Over Adventure

    Level 1 – The Voice Over Adventure (Introduction) — $395 + tax -What is Voice Over and “dare I explore it”…. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to venture behind the microphone? Now’s your chance to embark on a exciting voyage to explore Voice Over and all it’s possibilities.  You’ll work with […]

  • Level 2 – Performance for Microphone

    Level 2 – Performance for Microphone – $450 + tax – learn the steps to finding your voice and beating your demons (fear, anxiety), The natural continuation from Level 1. (the Adventure Continues) or if you have some performance background. This begins your intensive training, working on specific techniques designed to build your confidence as a […]

  • Level 3 – Becoming the Voice Artist

    Level 3 – Becoming the Voice Artist           (you are the Character) – $450 + tax -Casting, Characters and Commercials Now that you have the basics, it’s time to find your signature voice(s). What is your “Hit”? how you sound may not be what you think and certainly not how you look. Attitude, Point of View and […]

  • Level 4 – Making Magic with your Voice

    Level 4 – Making Magic with Your Voice (Tell me a Story) – $450 + tax -Narration, Audio books and E-Learning This is one of the most important skills and one of the toughest to master. Telling a story. Whether it be for a commercial, narrating a film or just describing the proper steps to […]

  • Level 5 – Demo Prep

    Level 5 – Demo Prep (Putting it all together) – $450 + tax (Prerequisite Levels 1 through 4, Voice Gyms with at least 3 Studios and one Elective) -Putting it all together and prepare to record your demo -learning the importance of administration of your VO career This is the culmination of all your hard […]

  • Audio Books – The Art and Business

    Class fee: $450 + tax One of the fastest growing Voice Artist industries, this is the only comprehensive class offered in Canada. The audiobook industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, increasing by approximately 40% annually. Learn what it takes to become a part of this exploding industry with this weekend workshop, the only one […]

  • Business and Marketing for Voice Over

    Class fee: $295 + tax Everything you need to know on how to run a successful voice over business in your home town. You’ll discuss your goals, business plans, setting up shop, building your demo, and your team. What is your Brand? We will explore who you are as a “product” and how that will help […]

  • Building Your Home Studio

    Class fee: $295 + tax If you have been thinking of creating your own “home studio”, this course is for you. You will be taught everything you need to know to get started. We will also discuss ways to develop your studio to allow you to work as a professional from home. This class is “hands on”, […]

  • WEBINAR – Using ACX to Your Best Advantage: Tips and Tricks for Audiobook Narrators

    Class fee: $75 + tax This class is a recorded webinar. ACX has opened the door to Canadians (but this class is open to all)! This three-hour class will introduce you to ACX, The Audiobook Creation Exchange, and provide you with the information you need to hit the ground running. Set up to connect rights holders (authors and […]