Voice Gym – Home Studio Edition! – PB

Thursday, Jan 23, 2020

6:00pm – 9:00pm

This will be a special edition of the Voice Gym where you will have the opportunity to see a professional voice artist’s home studio in action! Paul Boucher, one of our talented facilitators, will be inviting you into his home studio while you work through your chosen scripts. Due to space restrictions, this gym will have a maximum of 4 participants.

The monthly WCS Voice Gyms have returned. We’ve been hearing great things from both talent and studios. With the special “alumni price” the gyms have been an affordable way for talent to practice, practice, and practice some more in a professional studio.

The studios see the improvements made by talent every time they see a repeat performance, either from a previous workshop session or by doing multiple Voice Gyms. The ambitious talent wanting to make a serious go of VO, are taking the bulls by the horn and getting as much microphone experience as they can. The studios notice and so do we! There is a lot to be said for “front of mind”!

A lot of the Engineers you work with help with the casting in your market. Good to get to know them and them to know you.

Class fee: $150 + tax ($125 + tax for alumni)

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Calgary, Alberta

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