Building your Voice Over Community

Voice Over Core Training

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Cities available: Toronto

Class fee: $325 + tax (Early Bird: $300 + tax)
Combine with the Studio Workout: $450 + tax (Early Bird: $400 + tax)

Whether you are looking to get started or you are already working in Voice Over, this class is the opportunity to learn, strengthen and work out the essential core skills required for a voice over career.

You will discover:

  • Who you are
  • Your confidence
  • What makes you unique
  • Your signature voice
  • How to connect and let your words land
  • Script analysis
  • Make your auditions stand out
  • How to start and finish strong
  • Insider secrets and tips
  • How to make the mic your friend (mic technique)
  • Theatre of the Mind
  • Storytelling
  • Studio etiquette

The class consists of approximately 8 hours (including breaks) of classroom-based training. You may then choose to follow this class with our Studio Workout session the following day.

The Studio Workout is not compulsory for completion of the class, but it is recommended especially for those who are new to the industry so they can become comfortable with working in a professional studio and be able to hear a sample of the fruits of their labour.

The session will provide you with the opportunity to step in to a professional studio and record two pieces of text with an engineer. You will have 30 mins to work and you are invited to sit in on the sessions before and after your own so that you can continue to learn from observation.


VoiceSPOT classes are facilitated by International Working Professional Voice Artists from your community

Check for classes in your area.